Ballsbridge Plumbers – 365 days per year

Our Ballsbridge plumbers are qualified, certified, insured, and available whenever you may need them to perform emergency repairs or maintenance on your plumbing or heating system.

Competent Ballsbridge Plumbers:

ballsbridge,plumber,plumbing,heating,servicesOur plumbing engineers have been hand picked over the years to ensure the best blend of capability, workmanship, knowledge and experience. All of them are qualified and certified, and are able to work on a wide range of equipment regardless of whether your installation is a domestic, commercial, or industrial one.

On any give call-out, our Ballsbridge plumbers are able to render professional service, and offer expert advice on the spot – regardless of whether you require maintenance, emergency repairs, or a new installation, and regardless of whether it relates to piping, gas- or oil boilers, pumps or drainage.

Wide range of plumbing services:

We offer a wide range of services, and can provide emergency repairs, routine maintenance and installations of pipes, valves, different types of water pumps, gas and oil boilers, drainage pipes, etc. In some cases emergencies are unavoidable, but in other cases proper and regular maintenance can prevent break-downs, minimising the possibility of inconvenience.

Feel free to call us for professional advice, regardless of the type of plumbing or heating system concerned.

Our plumbing engineers are insured:

Insurance is about peace of mind. As such, you want your plumbing engineer to contribute to that, and not disrupt it. Working with a properly insured company means that you will have peace of mind regardless of what might happen during or after the repairs or installation.

Rest assured, we have it covered.


Our Ballsbridge plumbers understand that, in most cases, time is of the essence. In case of an emergency, every second counts, and every second wasted can add to the damage in your home or workplace. As such, we have staff available 7 days per week. Response time is usually less than one hour – although it seems we do even better at night when there is less traffic congestion.

Transparent billing policy:

For most people, the mere fact that they need a plumbing engineer is already an unpleasant surprise – so the last thing they want is another surprise when they receive the bill. As such, we believe in transparent quoting and billing – so the price you see on the quote is the price you pay for the job. There are no hidden fees or call-out charges.

So – give us a call on the most convenient number from the list below, or use the emergency telephone number – and help can soon be on its way.

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Services supplied by a satellite branch of Dublin Plumbing Services.

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